List of characters in GTA 5

List of characters in GTA 5
List of characters in GTA 5

The network is walking a list of characters, which, allegedly, are key actors of the project GTA 5. The main hero is called Chico Vialpando , nephew of the CJ from GTA San Andreas. Chico is an orphan, it is therefore not surprising that one day he decided to join the local mafia. Moreover, his cousin Leo (son CJ) needed help.
In the full news you will find a list of characters with brief descriptions:
- Chico Vialpando - 20-year-old boy, charismatic, successful and very lucky;
- Cesar Vialpando - father Chico;
- Kendl Vialpando - mother Chico, sister CJ. Adopted after the death of Leo Denisa Johnson (Denise Johnson);
- Leo Johnson - son of Charles Johnson (Carl Johnson). He was persuaded to join the street gangster syndicate;
- Toni Cipriani - just arrived from liberty city and sent to the Leone Corporation, has two children, who live with his ex-wife.

Los Santos arrived «for business»:
- Joey Farringo - a member of a gang Sindacco, in Los Santos arrived on the trail Tony, whose ex-wife and initiated the «hunt»;
- Frank Bastacci - another gangster from Sindacco, accompanied by Joey. A former patient of the clinic for the mentally ill;
- Greg Macilvoy - champion of Los Santos in Golf, it is enough to see the debut trailer of the game you are playing Golf;
Eli Payne (Eli Payne) - «man of the streets», knows a lot about many;
- Veronica fanning (Veronica Fanning) is a girl Chico wants to invite to a meeting, and that it constantly teases. It could also see the trailer of a road passing;
- Reggae Wilson (Reggie Wilson) - African-American, who is convinced that he has the style. Also lit in the trailer (a character in a multi-coloured sweater);
- Chuck “Daddy,” lo (Chuck “Daddy” Low - pimp of Los Santos;
- Dex Kitton - Computer whiz, in love with the virtual character;
Jose Gonzalez (Hose Gonzales) Mexican, has no connection with the crime syndicate;
Agent 69 (Agent 69) - a man working undercover for the FBI;
- Cindy Buckstud - young porn actress;
- Ed Wallberger - lawyer-babbler, who often talks nonsense and confused in their own statements.

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