A piece of GTA 5 in Max Payne 3

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
a little GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
Surely many of the visitors of our site have already heard about that in a recently published Max Payne 3 there are several packages to games GTA series and even the GTA 5. In anticipation of new information about GTA 5 fans, not losing hope that the developers left any reference to the new GTA, ready disassembled into small pieces 30-Gigabyte Max Payne 3, to learn something new.

Today in this article we are trying to gather all the findings and reflect on whether they can have any relation to GTA in General and GTA 5 in particular, or is it all a fantasy of desperate fans who have no relation to reality.

Evidence №1: map

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
Oh, Yes. No one will deny that this card is related to GTA, because this is a map GTA 4. You can find her in the apartment crazy neighbor max. On the map are several locations, half of the card at all cross-hatched. The guys from RockstarWatch tried to redraw the mark on the usual map, thank them very much - now fans explore each area marked on the map and scratching their heads at a loss to understand what had in mind when the developers was fortified with a marker.

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
Does it mean something specific? Unlikely, although Rockstar knew in advance that the fans will be pulling your hair out trying to understand the meaning of the image. One here with GTAForums found the dump and Dildo stuck in the ground near a dirty keyboard - a clear reference to the fact that it's time to finish engaged nonsense and find yourself a girl:

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
Evidence №2: airplanes

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
This evidence spread all over the Internet and not to write about it only the laziest (we, for example). Essence: the map Tiete River Docks in multiplayer Max Payne 3 found some room with photographs of aircraft allegedly from GTA 5. The pics shows the three types of aircraft: two pictures of a private aircraft from different sides:

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
Two identical photos of a military fighter:

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
And one picture of a transport ship:

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
If поднатужиться and remember, the first trailer for GTA 5 ended just planes, just private aircraft and military fighter. By the way, map photos doesn't mean anything - it's a piece of South America, and no relation to the case.

Detailed analysis revealed that the planes are fictitious and have several prototypes in the real world. But let's purity. Whether they can have any relation to GTA 5? Let's face it - may. Would the developers have to say? Hardly.

Evidence №3: bike

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
And this is already bragged entire Internet, where not ткнешь - everywhere say about this bike. Well, Yes, in Max Payne 3 really is the same old and stricken great from GTA 5, so what? There he is in the background stands useless:

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
You imagine how much of the scenery deal developers from Rockstar, creating such a vast and rich game worlds. Naturally, no one will every time alter these same scenery, and will take the already ready.
Observations can only conclude that the existence of this bike in the first trailer of GTA 5 in no way indicates that the game will bicycles is just a decoration.

Evidence №4: paintings

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
What can I say - a beautiful landscape of GTA 4.

And here is a couple more:

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
Well, why would still landscapes do with GTA 5 because, otherwise there would be long ears stood.
Interesting findings, which, unfortunately, does not carry any useful information. But it's definitely still a couple of references to the GTA in Max Payne 3.

Evidence №5: phone number

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
Seemingly normal phone number. And here and there. This number 545-555-0122 used in mission "Bait or Lure in the English version, to call corrupt dune Francis Макрери. Screenshot of GTA 4:

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
And again, it hardly pointing at something. Perhaps it's just a coincidence, or maybe it is just an improved version of the same phone with better textures all.

Evidence №6: demolished Cognoscenti

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
It's definitely Cognoscenti and it definitely was dismantled. But how the car looked in the assembled form in GTA 4:

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
Maybe Cognoscenti and will move to the GTA 5, but this finding is exactly not what it says. Another example of how developers are using old ideas in new games. Most people just don't notice it.

UPD: Kirill12091999 found some more cars from GTA 4, which play the role of sets:

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
Evidence №6: on another plane

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
This is the plane of the last mission, Max Payne 3 (I hope no one is hanged himself considering spoiler). But this is the plane of the titles The Ballad Of Gay Tony:

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
No doubt. They are absolutely the same. But, as we explained above, none in particular it does not say. By the way, the first four digits of the number on a plane you do not seem familiar? Let's return to our picture above:

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
However, we acquaintances seem all eight digits, after all, may 25, 1972 is the birthday Sam Hauser, President of Rockstar Games. It seems that in the company every employee knows that date by heart and worships his boss.

Evidence №7: interesting picture

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
As we have explained above, the developers make the scenery from their old skills, and when creating new scenery use their ready games such as GTA 4. But this landscape sounds unfamiliar. Perhaps this is a frame of GTA 4, but where is this country? If you manage to find this out, please let me know in a PM or in the comments to this article, but for now move on.

UPD: user NANO_SUIT_2 sent a screenshot of this area on the map GTA 4, so the question is cleared:

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
Evidence №8: calendar

Piece GTA 5 in Max Payne 3
These calendars are spread throughout the game. Many give them great value. It is seen that the calendar circle circled number 15 and this is the environment. In the year of such dates will be only two: August 15, 2012 and may 15, 2013. But hardly does it mean anything.

Evidence №9: mysterious files

That Max Payne 3 is found strange files, including vehicles.ide, wrote, even us. Among the mysterious files were found trailers cable car (cablecar), as well as some strange conditions like IsSnowing and scenarios, "Ped will attempt to ski", judging by which the game which once belonged these files, was or will be snow and skiing. In addition, the archeologists found traces of Bicycle transport. All this is, perhaps, the most important mystery Max Payne 3. Where there is all this?

But before guessing, let's put common sense. We all know that Rockstar Games - the great masters of the conspiracy. Over GTA 5 clearly does more than hundred persons, and each of them knows that working on a secret project. Neither one nor uttered the words, and the first trailer we have not received any reliable information about the future game. Although whether any other large company, rumors'd been in a car and small truck. Even Valve and id Software once flowed alpha - and beta недоделанных games. With Rockstar this has ever happened.

Could this company forget to remove some important system files of your new secret project of Max Payne 3? No.

Whether the detected files have some relation to the GTA 5? May.

Why they could leave in Max Payne 3? Because they are of no interest. Most likely, the information contained in them, is simply out of date.

It is likely that these files are from the first experience of GTA 5. Maybe it's files from early build GTA 4. Absolutely crazy that sounds assumption that these files can be of mysterious action Agent for PS3, the development of which has been going on for several years, but the game itself is not known nothing.

Analyzing the mysterious files, you can make different assumptions, even the most incredible. But all they fall apart like a house of cards at the thought that the information in these files could long ago and hopelessly out of date.

So, from this analysis we can conclude that the references to GTA in Max Payne 3 can be found in abundance simply because the development of both games is engaged in one office. Rockstar just uses ready-experience in future projects. But why, one wonders, изрисовывать map GTA 4, to trace any date on the calendar? Maybe so, the artists wanted to put some diversity - creating a blank map of GTA 4 would be too obvious.

Nevertheless, we cannot rule out that Max Payne 3 is still possible to find something really interesting. If you think you have stumbled on an interesting discovery, inform about it in the comments and write me a private message, we'll update the article if it's really worth it. But never make hasty conclusions. Think about it: is that really what you have found, is of no interest or is it a figment of your imagination?

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2012-06-27 05:18:01

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