Earthquakes in the GTA V

Earthquakes in GTA V
Earthquake in GTA V
Hearing about the earthquake in GTA 5 quickly spread across the network. Here is how there was a correspondence about earthquake GTA 5:

During missions in buildings, in the streets of the city, in mountainous terrain will be felt earthquakes, earthquake.

- And how you can show You as a gamer will feel it?

- Lucky for those who have a good sound system, earthquake will be accompanied by a rumble and then a strong roar, it might even seem that you are in a room a real earthquake.

- How You came up with this idea?

- Well initially this was not planned, but the events in Japan and recent events in the USA gave an impetus to the creation of this kind of realism in GTA V

- Tell us how to behave around the city and everything in General, during the earthquake, and after.

- To begin with, start shaking the screen, the cars will sway, the alarm will sound at the quarters of the city, the movement to stop people will fall, if you stare at близстоящие skyscrapers, will be seen as they sway in the offices will fly paper, fall computers. Another most exciting and creepy, it's a power outage.

Could we be there so many earthquakes?

- No, of course it will not shake each game day, 12 hours of continuous play you can feel 1 earthquake.

- If play for 2-3 hours a day, well that is not devote much time to the game

- And here already depends on covered playing time, 1-2 times a gaming month you can catch the earthquake, so this earthquake will be involved animals in GTA V, I think it so much that I was able to tell.

- Thank you for this valuable information.

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2012-07-17 02:50:22

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