The first art GTA V

First art GTA V
First art GTA V
Trailer of GTA V stripped to the smallest detail. Now we have to deal with art in which there are many interesting details which give food for thought to the next word from Rockstar.

The image shows: machines with a silencer, aircraft, backpacks, the inscription "Anna Rex" and the two men that are familiar to us from the first trailer of the fifth part of the series.

And so begin in order. Machines in the distorted picture is likely to Russian AK-47 which notice equipped with silencers, perhaps in GTA V players will be able to choose which modules and wind breakers submachine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, and so on. In the blue sky Los-Santosa a passenger plane which will most probably be available to fly as a passenger, and who knows, may steer give.

The most important part of this art - two men who apparently gathered to "go to work", respirators likely need for camouflage, and can and not to breathe toxic gas which they are processed by room "jewelry" gathered "to take". The inscription "Anna Rex" probably owned store in which the doors are ready to break the villains with backpacks, curious, then that this store has already been seen in Chinatown Wars GTA IV. In backpacks you will certainly carry weapons, grenades and hamburgers, then the characters of the GTA series has always got the weapon from the left side of the trunk, approximately ribs didn't look realistic and strangely, if in the new part of the game the object will be available, the problem with "выниманием" weapons will disappear forever.

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2012-10-29 06:48:33

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