Grand Theft Auto 5 release in spring 2013

Release of Grand Theft Auto 5 in the spring of 2013
Release of Grand Theft Auto 5 in the spring of 2013
The most amazing thing happened, and, perhaps, it's hard to believe, but the employee of the London store Sony, you somehow got a promotional poster Grand Theft Auto 5, which tells about the plans of release of the game in 2013.

Grand Theft Auto 5 appear in the spring of 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Officially. All the major Western resources, covering the games GTA series, furiously disseminate the news. Rockstar Games "nice" shocked leak - moderators R* in the rush to remove a ton of comments, dedicated to the release of GTA 5.

However, prior to official confirmation from the R*, the fact must be viewed with a certain caution!

It all began with the fact that the poles with the resource managed to get hold of these priceless footage (rough pasted on cardboard), and now the whole world is going crazy, guessing on a coffee thick about the authenticity of the image data. In a word, began hysteria and mass psychosis.

Release of Grand Theft Auto 5 in the spring of 2013
Ah, a new art, which we have never seen before. Fighting dog in the game? What will the defenders of animals? However, their problems do not concern us, because we are waiting for Grand Theft Auto 5 in the spring of 2013.

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2012-10-29 07:00:07

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