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Preview GTA 5 from GameInformer in the Russian language part 1
Do more, or get.
Not so easy to stay on top of popularity. When computer games become deductible from the price in millions of dollars, it is natural for a publisher is a desire to preserve his cow, continuing to use the same gaming experience, has made a series of the popular.

Time passes and the major changes that are taking developers, creating blockbuster, replaced the small and exact solutions, which are supported gigabytes of research and analysis of focus groups, which prove that people will continue to pay the price for the entrance. Innovations become predictable. Add a two-handed weapon possession in the Sequel 2. Imagine cooperative in a Sequel to 3. Yes, basically it's a single game, but why not try the multiplayer in a Sequel to 4?
Preview GTA 5 from GameInformer in the Russian language part 1
Rockstar Games has received the status of a blockbuster in 2001 with the release of Grand Theft Auto III, which showed the players so addictive freedom of gameplay in an open world. But instead of doing micromanagement power studios implements predictable business solutions in the creative process, the parent company Take-Two Interactive has decided to step aside and give the team enough time, which is necessary for a correct understanding of his vision. This approach paid off well for Take-Two. The last game of the flagship series Rockstar Grand Theft Auto IV has sold more than 25 million copies to date and currently occupies the top positions in the rating of metacritic with a rating of 98 out of 100 based on more than 80 independent reviews.

For the long-awaited continuation of Rockstar are not collecting marketing research and look at the focus groups. In an attempt to exceed the expectations of players expand their creative scope inside, and try to add something in game design as such, the Studio decided to use the chance that other publishers shoals would instantly, thinking this is too complicated, expensive and time-consuming.

Grand Theft Auto V has developed almost all the mechanics, all the features of the big world in the history of the series, presenting new technologies that radically alter the gameplay experience.

Why should we manage one protagonist, when you can switch between the three at any time.

New perspective.
Preview GTA 5 from GameInformer in the Russian language part 1
Evolution of the main characters of open worlds Rockstar games continues intimidating follow the path of the video-game storytelling in General. The first games with the top view represented the story in the form of subtitles. When Rockstar moved in 3D Grand Theft Auto III, the main character - Claude, remained strong and silent, even if the rest of the characters were fully voiced. Already in Vice City and San Andreas, Studio presented Tommy Vercetti and si Jay (Carl), whose cartoony look, voice, and a person is much wider than is possible in life, perfectly blended with associated timelines. When the era of high-resolution, Rockstar away from карикатурного view, giving particular attention to moral mundane heroes like Niko Belica in GTA 4 and John Marston in Red Dead Redemption.

Preview GTA 5 from GameInformer in the Russian language part 1
But with the expansion of the worlds and increase the number of opportunities with each game, Rockstar faced with a dilemma faced by all of the game, which takes place in the open worlds. How many main characters can fit all of the players? If Niko overcame obstacles moral character being pulled into the criminal world, it can cause a scene dissonance, if the player assuming the role of Niko, shot from a grenade launcher on strangers among street. When the time of the creation of the concept Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar decided to approach the problem from another side.

"We loved Nico and felt that he was really a strong main character for the game, then we started working with John Marston," says Vice President of Rockstar Games - Dan Houser. "Then we were told that the Western get just a disaster, but we thought we could do something interesting, with a deep character, which you can fall in love. We feel that after these two games, the development of something like not enough, we simply can't beat themselves. We then came to the concept of the game in the form of episodes with three characters."

Preview GTA 5 from GameInformer in the Russian language part 1
And Episodes from Liberty City demonstrated hundred give the player a different point of view is a great advantage. When you катишь on Elderny on the bike as Johnny Klebitz, carry on itself emotional baggage his motorcycle club, liberty city feels very differently than if you partying with the elite in the role of Luis Lopez, or causing yourself American identity of being an immigrant Niko Bellic. The city, which can be called a true hero of any game Grand Theft Auto, felt more alive, as if it were only three stories from thousands of unfolding without the traditional limitations.

When Rockstar began to discuss the consequences of the presence of three characters in Grand Theft Auto V in terms of design, the idea quickly grew from the usual division between the characters, which was a natural evolution from simple episodes. Instead of rotation among the five missions for one character for another five and five for the third, that if we make a permanent move between them? Obviously, this is not an easy task, but Rockstar saw opportunities in terms of both the story and gameplay flexibility, and it is well worth trying. From the plot, it will create a more individual style of the main character and bind certain behavior to this character. From the side of the gameplay, if the players live in different regions of the world, players will be much brighter feel the world outside of missions. Also, Rockstar thus get rid of the empty space missions, allowing players to change the perspective touch of a button.

"It was extremely difficult, because before that we tried to save the life of only one story, now that we have three," said Houser. "It caused a lot of problems, but I think that advantage on the very basic level is the ability to tell a much more complete history, while maintaining the naturalness. The same applies to game design, then you don't have to force one character go through all situations, absorbing every little bit of information. On the other hand, it lets you play as the main hero and villain. We hope that we have had a strong and interesting set of secondary characters, although perhaps not as diverse as in the previous games, because often, those people with whom you arguing - and there are other player characters.

to be Continued...

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