GTA 5 will be 3 main characters

GTA 5 will be 3 main hero
GTA 5 will be 3 main characters
In the latest issue of the magazine Game Informer appeared weighty selection of new information about GTA 5. The main news is that the game will have three main characters. Each of them has its own history.

For example, the robber with the experience of Michael, which hid the witness protection, forced to return to former businesses due to the wife, which spent all the money. Trevor, an old friend of Michael, he was a military pilot, but because of addiction to drugs and uncontrollable bouts of rage was forced to leave the service. Finally, a young thief Franklin, who worked in the Armenian motor show, decides to join to Michael, to earn money and become famous.

Rockstar Games says that the player can freely switch between characters, who will jointly perform a variety of tasks. For example, in one of the missions of the heroes we must save the captured man. The Trevor will control the helicopter, Franklin will be located at adjacent building with a sniper rifle, and Michael tries to break into the house, down a rope from a helicopter. The player starts the in the image of Michael, but when he burst into the room, the game prompts you to make a choice - to remain Michael or switch to Franklin.

GTA 5 will be 3 main hero
GTA 5 will be the largest part of the series. The size of the game world will surpass GTA: San Andreas, GTA 4, and Red Dead Redemption together. The heroes can not only drive cars (management promise to make more realistic) and flying, but even down under the water. Appear in GTA 5 and some familiar characters from GTA 4 and Episodes From Liberty City, although their names are still hide.

Rockstar also prepares a multiplayer for GTA 5. Developers are not in a hurry to be done details but we will most likely get co-op mode. Recall that the output of game is planned for spring of 2013.

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2012-11-12 08:19:55

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