GTA5: Los-Santos journey - digital vacation

GTA5: the developers have called the tour Los Santos «digital detour
GTA5: the developers have called the tour Los Santos «digital vacation»
It would seem, on Grand Theft Auto 5 we know almost everything you need. Thanks to the journal Game Informer. But Dan Hauser, founder of the Studio. Rockstarstill trump cards up its sleeve. So, in a recent interview The Guardian developer shared key aspects of the process of creating a good game. «Environment - perhaps the most important part of any game, " says Dan Houser. Games inherently «географичны». They represent a space where better than time.

That's what we've started, when did the location».

the Firefight - always fun. But if we do our job well, you can just drive a car, to listen to music and enjoy it. At least we very much would like it. And all because the elements Grand Theft Auto 5 should not only coexist, but complement each other. And I hope that we have chosen the right path».

GTA5: the developers have called the tour Los Santos «digital vacation»
We use history and surroundings to make some missions more extreme. And sometimes we just want to challenge the Hollywood. We heard a lot about Los Angeles and events that took place here, in the end were not kept and added them into the game. And therefore, I can confidently say: if the environment will not be able to tell you about what we have done, so we did it wrong.

Summing up the conversation, Dan Houser called Los Santos «digital vacation.» We hope that it will be so. And developers are able to realize all that they have conceived.

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2012-11-13 16:53:27

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