GTA 5: answers to questions from GameInformer

GTA 5: Answers to Questions from GameInformer
GTA 5: Answers to Questions from GameInformer
One of the main editors of the journal GameInformer Matt Bertz answered today the fans questions GTA 5 regarding the fifth part of the game. The number of answers some tidbits of new information, such as the interaction of the characters and their capabilities.

You can take the game with only one character, switching between characters inevitable.
Each character has its own set of missions that he must take place for the sake of General promotion of the storyline.
In the story of the game is not cooperative passing.
In some missions, switching between characters affect the further development of events.
You can't kill one of the main characters other main character.
Playing for Michael you can go to his house or near it, and you'll see what your wife and children.
In a free mode you can switch between characters at any point in the game.
For each of the characters you can walk anywhere.
The entire map is open from the beginning of the game.

The game uses an enhanced version of the physics engine Euphoria (IV, the RDR and MP3).
There is no Las Вентураса and San Fierro.
Centre Los Santos less than liberty citybut in General, the city itself is much more.
In the demo switching between characters was carried out smoothly, without lags.
The game is very interesting and crafted underwater world, but for full immersion in it, you will need a diving suit.
The game has a lot of water transport.
The in-game phone has Internet.
Many new TV show.

Trevor can burn everything in a free mode, outside the missions.
Each character has their own cash.
In game there will be a CJ.
The game will not characters from GTA III VC and SA.
Los Santos will visit several characters known to us by GTA IV and EFLC, what is not reported.
Rockstar modifies the system of investigation police.

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2012-11-26 03:18:48

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