Sketching interface and HUD of GTA 5

Sketching interface and HUD of GTA 5
Sketching interface and HUD of GTA 5

23 May 15:00 in the exclusive presentation of GTA 5 from Rockstar Games. This presentation has been hidden from the public eye and intended to journalists the popular gaming publications. Audio and video is strictly prohibited.

Sketching interface and HUD of GTA 5 GTAViceCity.RU Official - official VKontakte group
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Yesterday we were able to meet one of the journalists, who visited the closed event. Over a cup of coffee, he told us briefly about the gameplay, which has already been posted on many Internet resources, but the most important result of our conversation was that he agreed to make a sketch of the player interface!

Update from 30.05.2013 17:45:

Зарисовка интерфейса игрока и HUD из GTA 5
A screenshot of the game interface leaked in a network 30.05.2013

Game interface basically looks classically left at the bottom of the map, right above the active weapons and ammo. Below the map there are indicators of the level of health, armor and special skills. Sitting down in the car in the lower-right corner displays its name.

Additional information that can be displayed on the screen is: statistics of gameplay and character selection. Gameplay stats is displayed just above the map to the right. Character selection menu appears in the lower right corner.

Managing transport vehicle navigation features 3D image path, i.e. slightly at an angle to the horizon, which creates 3-d images. The same principle works in all modern navigation devices.

Just wait for the developers of new video clips with the presentation of the game.
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Зарисовка интерфейса игрока и HUD из GTA 5
An official invitation for the presentation in Moscow in the past GTA 5 from Rockstar Games

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