Multiplayer GTA 5 (GTA Online) - gameplay video

Multiplayer GTA 5 (GTA Online) - first gameplay video (English voice)
Today, Rockstar Games released the first official video of gameplay multiplayer in GTA 5. GTA Online is the new name for multiplayer in GTA V.

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Check out the new official video gameplay GTA Online. You'll see exactly how we have moved to a game character for a single mode GTA concept-freedom of action, a variety of activities and entertainment, and thrilling, creating a really well-researched and lively network world.

GTA Online will allow you to explore the world-either alone or with friends; together with other players, you will be able to complete quests, take on small business, to participate in competitions or try a traditional network modes. Whatever you choose, you will meet with perfected the mechanics and the atmosphere of Grand Theft Auto V.

Access to the GTA Online is free for all owners of licensed copies of the game Grand Theft Auto V GTA Online launch is scheduled for 1 October.

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