Thousands of PC users downloaded bouquet viruses

Thousands of PC users have downloaded a bunch of viruses disguised GTA 5
Thousands of PC users have downloaded the "bouquet viruses" under the guise of GTA 5

If you create something really popular and world-famous, be prepared that your achievements will enjoy the various crooks and swindlers. With this inevitable phenomenon had recently faced the developers of the game Grand Theft Auto 5.

Game GTA 5 came out in September 2013, and for a short period of time managed to beat the 7 Guinness world records, including as the fastest-selling game, as well as a fun project, who earned $ 1 billion faster all (even in comparison with Hollywood blockbusters). To date, it has sold over 22 million copies of the game, and profit from it steadily approaching 2 billion dollars. Developers on our laurels is not going to stop and plans to develop the game in all possible directions. Was recently launched an online component of the game, supporting microtransactions, which will also bring considerable profit company Rockstar.
PC users have written hundreds of hits to the leadership of the company Rockstar, organized a collection of signatures in support of the release of Grand theft auto 5 for PC, one word on the Internet arose a really large-scale public movement, which is only for the benefit of sales and without the wildly popular game.

What decided to take advantage of Internet scammers. They have created a virtual image of the game GTA 5 for the PC, and have affixed thereto the detailed description, which explained that performed manually complex unofficial port of the game consoles on PC, and then posted this image on numerous torrent trackers around the world.

In the end, the attackers gained access to personal data and computers thousands of users worldwide. In Russia, too, there are precedents. Internet forums are full of angry messages affected by such a deception of people. But we all know that the blame they should, first of all, themselves. Many people do not even realize that the port the game on such a scale from a game console on the PC is almost impossible. What to say about that anti-virus applications are also installed by far not all. And even despite the fact that in the comments to the torrent file more savvy users warn others about that in a hand there is nothing besides viruses, those persistently continue to download your game image.

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