Access to free business upgrades now available

Open access to our free business updates GTA Online
GTA came Online business update that is compatible with games consoles Xbox Live and PlayStation. For flights to the southern part of the city is now available aircraft Vestra.
Open access to our free business updates GTA Online
Fleet Motorsport supplemented with three new models - Grotti Turismo R, Allbany Alpha, Dinka Jester. Cars are characterized by unmatched appearance and high capacity. At the discretion of the player base machine configuration can be improved with several updates, such as adjusting wheel smoke and replacing the sound of a horn.
Open access to our free business updates GTA Online
Arsenal Ammu-Nation extended due to the appearance of the two types of new weapon - heavy pistol and a rifle. They are intended for the conduct of active hostilities and are practically unique in its destructive power.
Open access to our free business updates GTA Online
To achieve the goals and just look characters will help additions wardrobe. For business meetings and casual walks became available classic shirts, suits, extraordinary vests, stylish hats, unusual skirts and other types of clothing.
In the framework of new business updates in GTA Online-added 14 new working areas. Four of them are intended for fans of the world of sport and thrills. For an overview of these zones, you can use the plane Vestra, bisecting the vast airspace Los Santos.
A pair of deadly machines supplemented useful combat functionality. Among possible to identify Rhino Tanks, Buzzard, and other updates, allowing effectively to overcome mission in Los Santos.
All players have joined the game in the coming weekend will be open to competition Snapmatic. Also fans of the genre will be able to get exclusive bonuses, which are limited in number.
Update GTA Online this week includes many fixes and updates. In racing, you can disable Slipstreaming and the menu navigation GPS add barbershops and salons tattoo Parlour.
To download updates, you need to connect a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 to the Internet and run GTA 5. After loading the game, you will be prompted to download the free update. We will update new vehicles and weapons will also be available in GTA 5 Story.

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2014-03-07 02:53:50

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