March 7-9 Business Weekend Social Club event

From 7 to 9 March in the world of GTA is «Business Weekend Social Club»
In the ongoing business weeks from 7 to 9 March for fans of GTA open unique opportunities. You can buy a new suit, sports cars, luxury leather shoes Cobra and get access to special bonuses.
Fast cars and powerful weapon is only the beginning of an exciting event of this week. Players will be available numerous RP-bonuses in Land Races, payments on GTA$ in the framework of air events. Bonuses, lottery BUSINESS, Los Santos) and competitive activities (BUSINESS Snapmatic Contest) is available for all participants and GTA GTA 5$1M.
From the second half of Friday, will start broadcasting the show Rockstar. The audience will be presented opportunities of the new aircraft and high-speed vehicles and weapons that are included in a package of business update. During the weekend the most intriguing events will appear on the Twitch and YouTube. In them will take part Garrett Sutton, DomlsLive, HikeTheGamer, Spamfish, Mattophobia and SuperM737.

Game bonuses and awards

Buying new cars, planes Vestra, newest weapons and other business update, players can get the following bonuses and awards:
  • 50% more RP in races on new machines Grotti Turismo R, Dinka Jester, Albany Alpha.
  • 50% more payments on GTA$ all air competitions.
  • high priority vehicles. Simeon said increased demand for lightning-fast cars and contacted Ocelot Jackals this weekend. Wait for your messages, grab a car and get additional opportunities GTA$.
  • Bonus boxes. Inside there are guns, RPG, Velcro and to 8000RP. They will be regularly dumped in the financial district and around aerodromes Blaine County and Los Santos.

Bonuses BUSINESS Snapmatic Contest

For more bonuses you need to make a colorful screenshots of new cars, planes and weapons included in the business pack. Preference will be given to pictures that capture the most fascinating moments of the game. Upon completion of the weekend will be selected 5 winners. They will receive an additional dividend in GTA$1M, and distinctive license plate number, which will allow you to feel the boss on the roads of Los Santos.

Jokes BUSINESS Los Santos

Winners of the draw will receive a unique prizes, allowing you will stand out in the vastness of Los Santos and acquire considerable authority on Blain County's. Unlike BUSINESS Snapmatic Contest winners in the competitions BUSINESS Los Santos will be 15. The first five people to occupy the first place, others will share the second place. To participate in the competition you need to fill in the application for Social Club Events from 7 to 9 March 2014.
From 7 to 9 March in the world of GTA is «Business Weekend Social Club»

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