GTA Fan Vids: Copyright videos from fans

GTA Fan Vids: original video from fans of 3D-shooter
the Game GTA 5 became an inspiration for contemporary artists. Based on the game are often traditional paintings and virtual illustrations. New art became graffiti.
Under the inspiration of the intriguing script 3D-shooter and numerous illustrations Snapmatic group of German graffiti artists introduced the world to the next creation «Trevor&Franklin's». Among them Kid Karo, Sure, Basco and Rast, known to the world as «the Renegades Crew». They gathered together to transform the walls of Wuppertal in Germany. In their work they used logos RockStar, illustrations from GTA, adding to his own imagination. To read their creation is possible in the video «Renegades Crew Meeting 2014 Wuppertal by ZS», published here.
On the pages of Facebook was also published unusual video. It is based upon a parody of gameplay and characters. Evaluation of the relevance of the new spot remains for the fans of GTA and admirers of fine art.

GTA5 - a look back at Trevolor''s Life (Facebook parody)
On the publication of these videos, players and fans of GTA not stopped. Were released the following videos:

GTA5 Year in Snapmatic. Fast photo montage by Aegis.
To create this video was processed approximately 180 artwork from the game world. Many of them took part in a recent photo contest Snapmatic.

Things to do in GTA 5 - Archievement Knievel by Achievement Hunter & Rooster Teeth
This entry won thousands of views fans of the genre and fans of extreme sensations. The viewers will see how sports cars player tries to jump over 10 buses lined up in rows. How will all this end? - see the video.

GTA 5 - Kaleidoscope - Stunting Collaboration by MxZz
video created by involving's stuntmen. Incredible turns of events and interesting look at the virtual world are waiting for each spectator.

GTA Online: Perverse APEs by GTA 5 Crew Germany
Another original video, which results in some interesting moments after the credits - 's «mistakes» of creators. Some are funny, others are learning, and others to appreciate attached «artists» efforts.

Everyone in GTA the player can create his video «masterpiece», which will see thousands, if not millions of users. If you have the idea of the movie, then recreate it, actively participating in the life of the game community «Social Club». The finished movie can be sent to After checking the moderators, they will be posted on the official project RockStar, gaining enormous popularity.

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