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GTA 5 Online: popular commands
Social club «GTA Social Club Crew» never ceases to grow. Huge and free games world of GTA gave impetus to the formation and strengthening of the many teams rallied on interests. Currently, representatives of the teams are currently active set of «recruits» in its ranks. Organization and coordination of all members has surpassed the most courageous expectations. The number of sites dedicated teams, with time only grows. You have already created a multitude of channels on YouTube that allows you to monitor their progress.

Command Mojo Jojo

Group leader - ProRookie55. The team is open to all active users, for which the common thing is in the first place. Team members defend the interests of not only professionals, but also beginners. Regularly held racing, free games, completed the mission.

Command Mafia Role-Play

Leader - Aldo Mercanti. Team play is based on the maintenance of family firms in GTA. New participants start with small jobs and minimum admission to the Affairs of the family. Gradually, the authority and influence of the team members is growing.

Command Deadly Sins MS

Leader - Brewcity262. Team activities is based on the retention and expansion of dependent territories Los Santos. The group members do not seek peaceful ways. Everyone willing may cause them to fight for spheres of influence. The winner will be only one.

Command Money United Corp

Leader - Spart2023. The number of participants approaching 350 people. The main goal of the team is money, and in what ways they accrue does not matter. Command destroys any obstacles in GTA Online, arising on the way (individual players and teams).

the Team Departed MC's Lieutenant

Autocrat is no leader. The principle of command - democracy. All decisions on the organization of the game world and the activity of the participants are accepted on the basis of the voting results. The team became extremely popular not only for beginners but also for experienced players, who felt that there should be an all-powerful leader.

Command Killaz

Leader - AceHood23. The band members are not only active team play, but gladly publish multimedia notes. One of them you can see below. The team accepts new members and experienced gamers.

Command Abyssus MC

Leader - Taclicle Toxic. The team chose a very unusual approach - «laugh» over all adversaries. What is their «laughter» you can look at their published movie.
All participants who are not included in any of the commands, you can join the ranks of one of them on the pages of «Social Club». Just leave a comment under commands or to contact one of our representatives.
Teams wishing to declare its originality, integrity, skill and applied efforts can write on mail Creative approaches active participation in the game GTA and dedicated to her social groups welcome.

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