Update the fan art GTA 5

Update the fan art GTA 5
Fans fan art GTA continue to send their creations. New illustrations pleased user radiopapa. They seemed sealed alternative world of GTA with the transfigured characters.

Update the fan art GTA 5
Perfectly realized the user's view radiopapa about the alternative world of GTA 5 «Bullworth Alternative.

Active participation in social life GTA took and other participants. Consider their work more.

Update the fan art GTA 5
In the masterpieces of users is reflected and style, is devoted to comics. Originally chosen old clothing, according to the fashion unchallenged ruling several years ago.

Update the fan art GTA 5
This illustration of the distinction between the world of people and animals erased. Trevor presented in the form of PSA and Michael - penguin.

Update the fan art GTA 5
I got an interesting illustration of the artist Ricky Yagawa with the incarnation of the images Trevor and Michael. The quotation from Ricky: «...the legendary game Grand Theft Auto passed. I'm crazy about her! Especially liked the implementation of relations between people of middle age, the nature of the character of Michael and Trevor...».

Update the fan art GTA 5
The user Redditor Berdu pleased series graphics incarnations of the game world GTA 5, giving her the title «the Gift mom and dad.» Previously published his work «KITT from Knight Rider.»

Update the fan art GTA 5
«500th shot in the Head.» It is entitled his creation user Hoggy Hogben - team leader «Crazy Blammers».

Update the fan art GTA 5
«I'm captain Loggins and you cruise the original illustration depicting the lead in the radio Los Santos on the wave stations rock music.

As always, continue to search for new talents. If you are the Creator of new masterpieces dedicated to the GTA series of games or community Rockstar, you can send a link to the thematic group Instagram. The moderators will select and publish the most original illustrations. Good works should see thousands of players free world of GTA.

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2014-03-20 06:34:25

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