Team GTA Online: overview of achievements

Command GTA Online: overview of achievements
Business update GTA Online preceding weeks started to actively use the command players. In Instagram they have published dozens of photos. On them it is clearly visible, as was transfigured world's Los Santos with the advent of high-speed vehicles, weapons, and fashion clothes.

Command GTA Online: overview of achievements
Near the Bank «Maze Bank Tower» team staged a demonstration building. Each unique demonstration only rallied team members and allowed new players to evaluate the results of design creativity.
The team used all possibilities business updates and Snapmatic to represent the new style of the other players. The results of published studies suggest that the idea of using a multi-staged fountain came only a few teams and players. Among them users xVxDarkjedxVx, selfile commands Glock Shooting Sport», «Traffickers», «Th3ClownZ».

Command indicative race with Grotti Turismo

Team Australia Illuminati together related Association of players Illuminati MCC has published a fascinating video. It presents footage with participation Grotti Turismo R and the best sports cars.

Command ratings and achievements

The brightest and most organized team get to the rating «The 1000 Club Member». They not only a well-organized team game, and regularly publish the results of their achievements in YouTube, and actively participate in the development of the social community Rockstar Social Club. The struggle for a rank of the best players continued on the pages of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
Excellent ratings command reveals the FIBS Most Wanted leader Nimble92. The popularity of its members is partly due to the recent reviews of their achievements on the official pages of Rockstar. Also huge popular team byPureGaming, which has significantly expanded its ranks for the last time and was a clear threat to other players in the vastness of Los Santos. The number of its participants has reached 1,000.
The development of the 1000-th team players actively see in the game community Rokstar. The team has earned considerable respect, because to organize the game all participants is quite difficult. They successfully cope.
At any moment can be organized the new team of friends or people with common interests and goals in GTA Online. Watch a video called «the Style of warfare», in order to understand the capabilities of only a few units which when combining become invincible division soldiers.

the Set of participants in teams

Currently, the team T-O-Killer Academy with a number of 20 persons conducts active recruitment of new people. Mini-Rambo - team leader reported that the team will be accepted only with professionals. The total population size will not exceed 75 players.
Team Royal Warlords, Time Lapse also conduct active search of talented players and publishing achievements of its members, and also unusual turns of events in GTA Online. Videos with their participation are presented below.

All commands can be accessed at the official news RockStar. To do this, just need to be active in social life RokStar and in one of the most popular games - GTA Online.

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