War and beauty in GTA 5 (video)

War and beauty in GTA 5 (video)
the Desire of players in GTA 5 speed, victories and beauty unquenchable. In the process of achieving the goals appear hundreds of copyright video. They clearly traced to the high competition in the vastness of the criminal world and the unprecedented beauty of the individual events, natural phenomena. Making sense of the most fascinating and colorful video and more.

"GTA Online: clockwork orange" by GTA Series Videos

In the video is the analogy with classical performances of scenes in the author's Kubrick film. Chase, conspiracies, violence is only the beginning...

"GTA 5 PS4: beautiful Blaine County" and "GTA 5 PS4: street Los Santos" from SA96HD

The player took up shop and events in the southern part of San Andreas from different angles. Viewers will see the author's photographs taken at the expanse of the lively city of Los Santos and the countryside Blain, lull which lasts not long.

"GTA 5: miniature army" from 8-bit Bastard

The user was able to apply their professional knowledge in video processing to create alternative representations of events in Los Santos. The audience the impression that the main characters and vehicles - not more than a toy miniatures.

"need for speed No. 1 (2015)" from Commandoflauge

Although not a long time shooting the video could lay quite an interesting scenario. Two guys arrive in Los Santos, however, fall under the attention of Federal agents. To accept the fate they are not going and begins a dangerous chase with professional riders GTA 5.

"Kings of the sky: GTA 5 Stunt Montage" from FishyDizzle

Players FishyDizzle and ash0191 have joined forces to create an amazing video. Earlier, their work has been published in the newsletter. Their main activity is the installation of the rollers with colorful stunts in the air. In this case it's exciting skydiving and risky maneuvers on the verge of fiction.

Snow: GTA 5 Time Lapse" from DOM098652

The author of the video documented the unusual phenomenon on the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County - the establishment of the snow cover in the new year holidays. The result is a very colorful account that allows you to quickly see the beauty of the vast territory through the use of effects rapid photography.

"Not so happy Christmas" from Stephane Julien

The main characters of this video Sgtlrase and the crew of the Black Bulls Gang. They decided to demonstrate their own understanding of festive greeting and exciting time.

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