GTA Online: tips creators

GTA Online: tips creators
Since the launch of GTA Online for the PS4 and Xbox One the founders of copyright missions have increased significantly. New job series Deathmathes, Race, Capture, LTS. The authors actively advertise their creations via Social Club.

Based on the testing of new jobs edition Rockstar Games have prepared some tips and published his observations. Briefly familiarize with them.

the Increase in the number of players

If the player has already created a mission for PS3 and Xbox 360, he can adapt their creations to new consoles and to increase the maximum number of participants in a single game session up to 30 people. To do this in the pause menu, you must select menu Creator, then Load subsection Creation. Here you can get access to previously published work and modify them under the updated game world. It is understood that as soon as the mission will be adapted for the PS4 and Xbox One launch on consoles last generation will be technically impossible.

To increase the maximum number of participants in racing competitions in Race menu Details. If the "Maximum Players" will be grayed out, initially you will need to configure grid to increase traffic. To do this, go in subsection Placement, select Checkpoints, then the starting grid. It is now possible to change the size and style of the grid, and also to configure the maximum number of players for the mission.

Similarly the number of players in the mission types Deathmatches, Capture is set in menu Deathmatches Details. Before implementing changes, be aware that you will need to increase the number of teams and the starting points of the selected map area.

GTA Online: tips creators


Elementary increase in the number of players for old mission does not mean that the work is completed. The fact that all participants Deathmatches may be too closely at the old location, type missions to Capture the observed deficit of interest to capture.

We should think seriously over the processing of the race route. For example, poorly marked a dead end or rotation will be an unpleasant mistake, when at the same time not make out the approaching 30 riders.

Thus, it is necessary to ensure that all participants have enough space of the requisite tasks.

the Main props

The increase in the number of players on the map up to 30 people can cause a lack of props. It is recommended to increase it at least 2 times. In order not to clutter the space, you can place props in the air using the function buttons L3, R3.

GTA Online: tips creators

Testing missions

Before the launch of the revised or new mission would be wise to test everything again. In the new port of GTA 5 has added a variety of flora, fauna, partially modified cartography, increased the influence of weather phenomena. In addition, the city traffic has become more saturated, which may significantly affect the racing competitions. These nuances can become obstacles or be useful in the process of passing copyright missions.

Prospects review

The creators of missions to choose the angles of the cameras in the mission game. It must be ensured that all participants were able to choose a comfortable option for them review.

GTA Online: tips creators


There are symmetric and asymmetric mission. In the first case the number of participants and other conditions within each mission is approximately equal, the second one team has a clear advantage over the other for any parameter (arms, number, etc). These details must be provided in order to avoid an absurd situation.

Teams, rounds, and borders

In LTS Creator, you can choose the rounds by default, which will be adapted to the selected location. The number of rounds depends on the number of teams.

The number of teams also selects the author of the mission. For each of them it is necessary to choose a reference point on the map. The most frequently missing 2-4 points, but you must make sure that each of them give the teams about equal chances of winning.

You need to carefully consider the boundaries of the playing area to avoid deadlocks and prolonged use of defensive tactics.

GTA Online: tips creators


Weapons for LTS is selected based on the characteristics of cartography and author. The creators of the missions can limit the availability of a particular weapon. With a large territorial range of commands, it is recommended to provide access to sniper rifles, small - to shotguns.

In asymmetric missions teams often appear with almost the same chances of winning. Weapons, vehicles and other props scattered on the ground. His choice for each team will have a significant impact on the balance of power.

The weapon is recommended to place so that teams were forced to engage in confrontation for the most desirable firearms units.


In addition to the classic vehicles, the authors of the missions can make available military equipment, including tanks, inside the playing area. One team can have access to it, and the other is not. Rational distribution of power remains at the discretion of the Creator of the mission.


As an experiment, you can deliberately create multiple unbalanced game in which one team will always be left out in the beginning of the confrontation. However for her it is necessary to provide a small, but sufficient to implement the ability to win on the results of several rounds.

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