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GTA Fan Vids: author's productions
Recommended to view a list of funny videos GTA series Fan Vids updated this week. Spectators will be short militants, cleverly matching between the real and game worlds, and breathtaking stunts. As the background scenery of the authors of the video chose to choose the territory of the city of Los Santos. A brief look at their creations.

GTA 5 - Best of 2014 BMX Stunt Montage from the player ErasableNinja

Edited videos is one of the most successful works of the author. Dangerous and professionally executed riding biker just amazing. He can pass almost any formidable surfaces with unprecedented ease. The most colorful time - flip off a bridge on a moving truck.

GTA 5 Car Meet and Drift (PS4) 88:88 Productions

Cars in GTA Online - essential elements in car clubs, as well as objects of fascination among connoisseurs of power and speed. The video above was conducted with the participation of one of the teams in free mode. The incredible skill of the drivers and the transport features are traced during the session drifting on the basketball court.

Trigger List - GTA 5 Online Machinima Short Film from Angros Creations

The author of work hard on creating a short film with a fascinating story. He describes his work as: "a Professional killer Marcus Novak started to liquidate a dealer of drugs under the name of Roy Parker, who dared to betray him several years ago during a contract killing".

Like A Flying Boss (Skydiving GTA 5 Stunt Montage) from RedKeyMon

"Kings of the air element is returned into the arena. Viewers will see unique footage dangerous parachute jumps. Undoubtedly, it is ideal to run them the first time is almost impossible, you have time to train. Skydiver managed to bring his skills to almost perfection. To fully enjoy lightning-executed stunts, from time to time use a slower frame.

GTA 5 Santa Monica VS Real Life POV from Brett Rosenberg

The intersection of the real and game worlds and nearly obliterated in mind when looking at video. The author, along with his partner was shooting the same places in the physical and virtual world, alternating matching frames in the final version of the video. To the surprise of many onlookers observed the extraordinary similarity of worlds, including landscapes and human behavior.

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