Update GTA Verified Jobs: new February

Update GTA Verified Jobs: new February
the efforts of talented players-developers has resulted in 10 new Verified GTA Online Jobs. Many of them are available on the last two generations of consoles due to the limitation of the maximum number of participants up to 16 people.

Congratulations to all the winners #LTS Creator Competention. Their prizes will be 1 million GTA $ and distinctive license plate BODYBAG for your car.

The winners of contest #LTS Creator Competention

Presenting your attention to the most interesting and exciting work "creators".

Stealth Required LTS from the player sgt-vaguepouch

Epic and exciting action in the spirit of the LTS are deployed on the territory of which is attached to the Raton canyon. The initial task of each team will approach the opponents to shed the first blood. During convergence, you can use the bumps on the ground for shelter, or to find a weapon that will allow you to fire from a long distance.

It is recommended to operate the team, to use diversionary tactics to infiltrate behind enemy lines. Fire using weapons with optics will be very problematic because of the huge number of tall trees, but a few promising positions on the map are present.

San Andreas Shootout LTS from wafflemann

A great example of differentiation of tasks for each team. The first team to use the roofs of the garages to sneak up to the enemy, as well as heavy weapons and advanced shooters to attack. The main advantage of the second team will have access to the cars and armored trucks. Clear the command tasks for the minimum time will have a major impact on the outcome of the fight.

Update GTA Verified Jobs: new February

Lumberjack LTS from MRPTHUGLIFE

Developer job - the team leader GTA United World. Together with his friends he realized the contest, where you have an extremely economical use of available props. Initially, each team will have 4 tanks Rhino. Among the main objectives appears to protect facilities, storm enemy positions, strengthening the hill and use heavy weapons.

Close Quarters LTS from Matt-Conman

The arena is designed to force players to move quickly and make the right decisions. All teams have to survive in 4 short and brutal rounds. Weapons default - Combat MG and powerful gun.

Bowl Brawl LTS from coleco-vision

Arena has already will attract many teams. Since its emergence was played over 2500 rounds. Battle organized in Vinewood Bowl. Teams may use either RPG or risk it and go into the open to get the guns.

Additional Verified Jobs

Presents a brief overview of the new and exciting works.

Contend: Zombie Town from count_poopula

A quiet village in the vicinity of Blaine turns into a quarantine zone, on the streets wandering zombies. On the way to the Central part of the area is found abandoned military vehicles, pickups. In the city centre wielded clowns with knives. If they manage to surround the player, then salvation would not be. It is important to work in a team and cover the rear of their comrades. The main objective of each team is to capture and save valuable object.

Update GTA Verified Jobs: new February

Rodeo Loop from mozo15

High-speed race organized around Portola Drive and Vangelico Jewel. Track 16 players are designed to maximize the probability of collisions. To survive in a serious competition and come to win will be done only by experienced drivers.

Border War from TRIPLE_extremo14

Battle command is organized on a hilly part of the Senora desert. The voltage of players increase severe weather: heavy rain, wind gusts. The action takes place at night. Teams should be careful, because in the hands of the enemy can get powerful explosives, heavy weapons and RPGs, which are scattered around the area.

Update GTA Verified Jobs: new February

Bahama West Mama Mia from bobchilli

Race with emphasis on the technical skill of the drivers are organized around a night club Bahama Mamas in the Western part of Dell Perro. If the race will take 16 participants, narrow streets and chaotic traffic will become a serious problem for drivers. Should be always on the alert, because a wide band for acceleration can dramatically move in a narrow road or to change direction.

The Slipstream GP from MossyTossy

Speedway recreated in the style of "Formula 1" and it is designed in the heart of Los Santos. Sharp turns, sudden change of direction of movement, a sharp elevation changes are a common phenomena on the race track, forcing drivers to exercise extreme vigilance.

To share their expertise players are always welcome on the official page Rockstar Games. The best creations will not remain without attention and will be addressed in the next review.

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