GTA 5 Online: Tips for new modes

Halloween in GTA Online
Jump into GTA Online today, in honor of Halloween, double GTA $ in thematic modes, "Slasher", "Beast vs the Slasher" and "Come out to play".
To help you get the maximum benefit from dominance in this Playlist, read the tips below to "Beast and Slasher"(along with tips for two other frequently requested modes).

Beast vs Slasher

Beast vs Slasher in GTA Online
Playing for a Slasher, use a night vision device to anticipate the movement of animals between buildings.
"Beast vs Slasher" - a team of superhuman Beasts with dominating speed, with outstanding jumping ability and even temporary invisibility trying to capture the 15 checkpoints before they can be defeated by a gang of Slashers seeking to capture them.

Slashers are divided into three groups: Heavy, Demolition, and Assault. Heavy has plenty of ammunition to Minigun that can be used to cut off the escape routes of the Beasts, thereby allowing, in a team with a smaller margin to make more accurate shots. Be careful, ammo is not replenished after death! Coordinate your actions with your team to use the weapon specialist, for example the Railgun to stun animals, and weapons like the combat MG for quick damage. You can regularly check for nearby animals using a night vision device (right on the D-Pad), which can help you quickly identify the enemy in the vicinity. Also look at the radar. Beast becomes bleeped when checkpoint is collected.

Playing for the Beast you will definitely be powerful, but it does not give you the right to be careless. When you have low health You will not be able to use super jump or become invisible, so heal when injured. You will be able to recover up to 75% health, you should not do reckless leap to the kit. It's not the best choice if the shelter would be the best solution. Most important to strategically decide which checkpoint you pass in the first place. Collecting more checkpoints you'll be open to receiving damage, and will benefit his team in the final result. Use invisibility to get out of a difficult situation, but remember, he will not hide you from thermal vision!

Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part in GTA Online
The couple that plays together, stays together. Stay close with your partner to recover health faster.
In till death do us part - you and your partner will be up against three other pairs, each pair trying to kill the other and there is only one life to survive the two of you.

As in any aspect of the relationship, you will want to work together as a team - pay attention to the needs of your second half as well as their own and communicate effectively. Remember that your partner also works, better not simply act alone - to work on a plan together. Do not abandon your partner when your life is in the hands of each other. Staying close to your partner you due for regeneration health for both. In some cases, it may be worthwhile to consider the separation (as hard as it sounds) as a way to circumvent its purpose. Of course, you will lose your bonus to recovery, but while the enemy is distracted fighting your partner, they will not be able to imagine your surprise attack. But don't go too far as You don't have to die. Protect your partner as well as yourself. The selection of weapons could be the necessary advantage over your opponents, so look at radar, and choose from available (but be careful going for a weapon makes you open to attacks). Incidentally, you appear on the Radar of your opponents, when you stand in one place too long, firing his weapon or being in their line of sight. Move quickly but carefully and with intention.

When it comes to make a move against your opponents, you have several different options. Run straight towards the enemy to attack in melee is an effective strategy. Although it may not kill them, they will be tumbled down on the earth, making it impossible to cause any harm to you. Use this moment to defuse his cage until your opponent is vulnerable, but don't forget to follow back! If you choose between bullets or batons, keep in mind that headshots do not cause unnecessary damage in this mode. So instead of having to move the sight up and focus on punches. Although it will be very exciting to break the team killing. Stay on your toes and not get carried away with the celebration. If you die it will affect your partner too, you can't win. Once you've destroyed the team, you and your lover will get a third of his health. If you find yourself in a situation of sudden death remain invisible, as only need one hit to end your date early.


Extraction in GTA Online
Use the flare gun to signal your bodyguards to evacuate, but beware of the killers.
Being in an unknown place, the goal is to live with your mind and communicate effectively with his bodyguards to find him before the kill squad.

As a goal, it is important to find shelter as soon as possible. The killer is likely to start looking in the vicinity of the downed plane so that the presence in this region is not recommended. Your Rocket launcher can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Using it, you indicate their presence not only bodyguards but also assassins. As with many modes of confrontation, communication is the key to success. When dealing with his bodyguards call the sights around you to guide them to your location and watch the helicopter rescue.

If you find yourself in command of the guard, consider what transportation you choose. The helicopter can perform a quick extraction, but it is noticeable and a large target and may be easily destroyed. Bikes are nimble and invisible, but the target can be shot by enemy fire. Selecting a ground vehicle, such as Insurgent Pick-Up, slow option, but will provide better protection for your special cargo.

As a member of a death squad, eyes peeled for detection of the opposing team in the form of a flare or a helicopter. If you notice the Bodyguard on the way to their evacuation, firing at him at once not the best solution. Instead, sneaking follow your enemy in the hope that they will lead you to the place of purpose, as the exploding car to inside - the guarantee of winning.

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