Fun GTA Online: Oct 2016

Funny moments in GTA Online
Today we again gathered for you a collection of bright moments from GTA Online. Take a seat and enjoy.

The GTA Online community is not going to stop and continue to fill our moments, the best of which we show here in our feature story. Do not waste time, we begin our series of gags from GTA Online!

Tourist and biker on the mountain in GTA Online

Here conquer you the local "Everest", I want to get away from the bustle of the city and here comes the mountain biker and throws you. It's a shame.

Deadly collision in GTA Online

When there seems to be no way out of the situation, don't give up, maybe you'll get lucky. Like this guy.

Fatal shot in the pilot GTA Online

A second skill. The guy calculated the trajectory and killed the pilot inside the plane.

groom on the motorcycle GTA Online

Like to dance Kozachok, but you are driving? Not a problem if you are on a motorcycle. Just follow the road.

Bug and nothing more in GTA Online

It's just a bug. What were you thinking Perv?!

So here is a compilation of moments in GTA Online. We hope you will appreciate. Bored of GTA, but want something similar? Then I suggest you take a look at games like GTA 5. Something will surely please you.

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