How to stop the train in GTA 5?

How to stop the train in GTA 5
Freight train in GTA 5 is one of the most talked about features of the game for fans. Many Youtubers tried to stop him, but failed. There are so many videos where almost every object in the game was attached to the train. The question remains: why no one can stop it? Fortunately, the developers explain why.

Freight train is programmed as an immovable object

There are two types of objects in GTA 5, dynamic and static. Dynamic objects react to external events, that is, they can be affected by the action. Examples are cars and characters. Cars can be controlled and wrecked when colliding with another object, be it dynamic or static. NPC can be killed. The character can be blocked by other objects and also can be killed.

The reverse is true for static objects. Examples are buildings, trees and train. They just can't be moved by external forces. Even if the train is moving, nothing can stop it or perhaps make it move if it's not his code. In short, static objects are programmed that way. Thus, every obstacle set by the player will push off to the side.

How to visually stop the train

Only delving into the code for GTA 5 will allow players to stop him. Changing the coordinates of the axes XYZ can't make the train move spawn, if someone is able to do this at all.

Another way is to kill the driver, which would stop the train, while NIP despawns and respawns. Rockstar also programmed it to receive explosive damage. So the undermining of the engine must stop moving. However, there is no way to stop the train is by putting the object in front of him.

After one of the updates the location of the tree in front of the train also will not work because now the static objects do not collide. The train will pass through a tree trunk.

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