Pegassi Zorrusso available in GTA 5 Online

Pegassi Zorrusso for GTA 5

If your heart is entirely given by the Italian sports car, and the heat of South Los Santos for you absolutely unbearable, then comes the time to rejoice in the new car appeared in a game recently. This is Pegassi Zorrusso - a hybrid supercar and Roadster, absorbed from each of these classes the best features. If your pocket is not empty, but filled with fresh crisp bills, which have drawn somewhere to spend, then now you know where. And by the end you won't be disappointed.

Increased bonuses and rewards

Of course, anyone wants to get a job worthy of double reward. However, this week it's not so easy to obtain these jobs require some communication. Namely, duplicate payments as on points and in game money is awarded for all missions. So value your connection. But for the hardcore gamer there is another way - play games in "deadline" and will receive double payouts for winning. Such bonuses await those brave souls who dare to plot jobs casino and dare to pass the final Heist "the day of judgment".

T-Shirt Pegassi

Pegassi Zorrusso for GTA 5
For those who prefer to collect t-shirts and not the cars, the developers at Rockstar has prepared another pleasant surprise - a great white tight t-shirt Pegassi. And to you it can be totally free if you look in the game until October 30. Of course, no one will doubt as to what car you came from.

Updates on the catwalk

Think hall of the casino is too tight. There is clearly not enough space. And to blame a new car Vapid Caracara 4x4, which took the place on the wheel of fortune in GTA 5 Online, replacing their compact sports predecessors. Now you can win this harsh off road, can equally easily able to handle the terrain and the enemies ' heads absolutely for free.

Pegassi Zorrusso for GTA 5

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