Lampadati Novak appeared in GTA 5 Online

Lampadati Novak in GTA 5 Online

It is difficult to resist the elegance of these Italian cars. Even if you see the front of the SUV, but the SUV Italian, it becomes immediately clear - this car is done tastefully. And no matter what in those parts is not so much the bad roads because the car is all the same turns out to be very functional. Meet the new Lampadati Novak, which became available in GTA 5 Online. If you think that this car will not bring you anything new, think about the fact that with each new model, developers are increasingly cut diamond perfection on four wheels and this person, as you are doubtless worthy of having in his extensive garage the best and most modern sample.

Increased race

Not once have you had to get into a used racing seat and put the helmet on his head, to participate in the competitions in which you easily could lose it. And to lose her speed and adrenaline is the most common thing. Of course, some prefer not to risk their lives participating in this kind of adventure - use of radio-controlled models. Some prefer stylish cars at the expense of speed and engine power - and then the arrival turns into a real aesthetic pleasure.

Whatever it is - you are invited to repeat it again, citing this act a decent reward, increased threefold. Go check "Track Dumper", take the championship a "Race RC Bandito" or "Racing Issi Classic" and will get a decent reward. And not only GTA$, but in the form of RP. Also during the week are double rewards for the entire series of races.

A chance to earn a job casino

Race is, of course, a lot of fun. But even more fun, with guns, mafia and lives at risk you offers casino Diamond, performing tasks for which this week you'll get twice more money and points than usual. Remember that casinos is not only fun, but also the risk. But without risk and a real win. So good luck to you!

Vyssser Neo on the podium of the casino

Lampadati Novak in GTA 5 Online
Fans of freebies should rejoice. This week you can win a great sports car, which will prove to anyone that you have money not only on drinks and tip. All this is absolutely free, rotating the wheel of fortune once a day. Not the fact that fortune will show you its best side, but you, uh, have a chance to win cash, RP, or perhaps stylish clothes. And this is a lot.

Shop casino is pleased to offer you exclusive things

Art lovers and extravagant things will not remain on the sidelines, because the store of the casino is glad to offer you my extensive collection of really beautiful things. Here you will find the works of famous ozy Bisset, D Redda and many others. Many interior items looking forward to you and your wallet, so don't hesitate and drop in for a visit!

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