Western Rampant Rocket in GTA 5 Online

Western Rampant Rocket in GTA 5 Online

You may long to find a toy status, but better than new Western Rampant Rocket you all the same will not find. It's not just a motorcycle. Huge engine stands right in the middle of the body and definitely hints to others who here the most steep. So if you are unsure, the bike will do it all for you. Of course, you can mention that the power this bike are difficult to compare with something else, but such details are already available. In General, do not spare money on three wheels and a motor - 'll have a good time!

Fight for survival aliens: "the Project 4808"

Western Rampant Rocket in GTA 5 Online
Of course, it is naive to believe that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe. Many people hope to unlock the mysteries of extraterrestrial civilizations. And now the day has come. Published materials about the government program "Project 4808". Now there is no need to lie to the people, aliens among us! Of course, this news is hardly going to be good for their safety. So here you are invited to act as Saviour and save the poor alien from the harsh governmental units tap, the FBI and the Marines. You are invited to be one of them! Hold on tight, on the side of aliens to fight will not be easy, but the developers at Rockstar made an award of double payment this week, and it certainly will provoke.

Bonuses for Halloween

A bit dark atmosphere in honor of Halloween, nobody hurt. Thought it was the guys from Rockstar and decided not just to add themed decor and merchandise in stores, but to change something more substantial. Namely, to grow Lophophora in the vicinity of mount Čiliad. But do not forget that this plant is not recommended for consumption, according to official sources. The choice is always yours!

And for fans of easy money - the traditional double payment for the modes that are most appropriate for the occasion. Try bloody regimes with intriguing titles "Maniac", "Maniacs", "Lost and condemned", "Condemned", "the Game" and "the Beast vs the maniac" and get them fair compensation, increased as much as 2 times. But if you feel nostalgic for last year's fun, the hearse Lurcher and Fränken Stange will help you remember it. Halloween masks are sold in the store is discounted at 35%, and don't forget that this is very beneficial!

Two new t-shirts this week

Western Rampant Rocket in GTA 5 Online Western Rampant Rocket in GTA 5 Online
So, the news for those who cannot bear the monotony of your wardrobe. This week you can get 2 t-shirts that will make you or others smile. It's completely free, just go to the game until 6 November.

Update on podium casino

Western Rampant Rocket in GTA 5 Online
You think that pathetic casino will not celebrate such a holiday as Halloween? Wrong, because this week on the podium rolled out quite a dark bike LCC Sanctus, which is exactly what will help you maintain the right atmosphere. And in the shop you will find wall art, posters and masks in the right way.

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