Gerald's Last Play in GTA 5

GTA 5 this week news
So, this week you can expect not just another promotions and discounts in GTA 5 Online, and something really new. The developers have prepared a small plot addition that varies your routine and bring new impressions of the game.

The whole plot is built around your friend Gerald. Along with the "Family" he has met with considerable resistance from competitors and going properly to draw in the tails. However, it is not easy and without your help he can not do so he will gladly pay you for what you will take part in the showdown. He's going to win a large sum before you retire, so that performing a new task you will help him realize this idea.

I will be only 6 pieces. You will receive them through your iFruit, just like any other jobs from friends. To fulfill the new mission can be both alone and taking friends up to 3 pieces. Speaking of which, this week for completing new missions, the reward doubled, so it's really the perfect time to get past it. And the same goes for any other job from your buddies and acquaintances.

Six new missions

So, let's look at the order that missions are waiting for us in the game. Of course, it's best just to go through them and see everything yourself, but a small digression is also sometimes useful.

Let the stuffing

A new mission in GTA 5
Say, in a slaughterhouse has long been no clogs the livestock. There sat the old rivals and brazenly illegal to produce goods which are then sold on the streets. You need to kick ass competitors and steal from them the formula for production. During the passage you will need the skills of safe-cracking.

Figure skating

A new mission in GTA 5
One of the contestants Gerald likes statues too much. They cause people addictive if you know what I mean. You need to deal with this. Moreover, as it turned out, your competitor is not too security conscious, blinded by the brilliance of his ideas.


A new mission in GTA 5
Some of the biker gangs trying to move Gerald the road to his drugstorecom horse. They bring down the prices of the goods and this is very unprofitable, and very annoying. So it's time to show it who's boss monopolist, and the steering on the market.


A new mission in GTA 5
Not everything in this world goes smoothly, and the same can be said about a failed transaction, in which you will participate. Unfortunately, the consignment is under threat of discovery and hunt for it not just cops.

Bad company

A new mission in GTA 5
Some types unbearable. One of the leaders of competitors simply run up and should get his. The execution of the punishment is entrusted to you, because you are a true professional. Well, we are ready to confirm your reputation?

The final product

A new mission in GTA 5
And here you will need to sell a large consignment of goods. Like anything complex, but some anxiety in the air. Be prepared for any eventuality and have the job done.

Bonuses this week

And now back to traditional bonuses and increased benefits, which await you this week. Besides the already mentioned double payment for the job of acquaintances and friends you will get serious bonus and incentive in the work as bare or bully.

Bonuses in GTA 5
Goons and partners will receive triple the salary for their services. This week human life in the special price. Well, do bosses doing their job and passing the test will also receive bonuses, but only in a double size.

Special attention is awarded undeservedly forgotten race cars. If your toy dusty, now is the time to get it out. After all, the fact that the track started quite a stir due to the fact that the prize for winning races has increased three times.

Car on wheel of fortune and discounts in the game

So, what can be purchased this week at a discount or even completely free? Let's start with the Karin Sultan unsurpassed Classic, which is exposed as a prize on wheel of fortune in a casino. It is in original paint and immediately ready to rush into battle.

Car on wheel of fortune in GTA 5
But those who prefer proven methods to purchase four-wheeled friends will be pleased to discover that this week is a huge discount of 70% on the armored Karin Kuruma. And a 25% discount on car Ocelot R88.

Well, if you want to invest in something fundamental, then get ready for another great news - you can buy your own office for half-price. And with a 50% discount to make modifications, buy office garage and body shop, and storage for specgraph. Conversion of office and garage will be cheaper by as much as 60%. Enjoy life!

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