Bikers week in GTA 5 Online

Special bikers week in GTA 5
This week is perfect to ride his virtual two-wheeled steed and go from best friends to travel on the roads of the state, vzbalmoshnaya the path of the dust of the road and careless pedestrians. Why is this so? Yes, because the guys from Rockstar did for biker present gift, dedicated a week additional bonuses and promotions that are entirely devoted to motor-community.

Let's see in detail what is unusual is waiting now in the game fans of steel horses, leather armor, and the harsh firearms. The first thing that catches the eye is the double race called "Transformation". Here you'll test your skill not only driving a motorcycle, but in General any equipment, because you always have to be in a variety of situations on a motorcycle, then car, then plane. A sort of triathlon on a powerful fuel fuel.

But you can make a more relaxed way - this is just for those who have already received their portion of adrenalin coolly and prefers to scatter the insidious network of your business. There are double rewards for the sale of goods with a biker enterprises. Produce and sell, earn and become the financial king of the entire region.

Well, if you prefer to tackle the pressing issues of your favorite biker hangouts and especially much love to chat with your competitors, and you will find an interesting job. Perform tasks of clubhouse for them and get double rewards in the form of GTA$ and RP.

Car on wheel of fortune

Car on wheel of fortune GTA 5
In life there are different bands, but sometimes she's like a Zebra. Someone lucky and some do not, but wheel of fortune the game is built so that you and I never really desperate. You can always win something interesting. It can be money, it can be RP, it can be stylish clothing or things. But always remember that there is a great chance to win the main prize - the car! And this week this is an unbeatable Coil Cyclone. Good, right? Then what are you waiting for? Luck is in your hands!

Money out of nowhere

Money in GTA 5
Long time did not come into play? And in vain, because in may you have the opportunity to receive half a million GTA$ just for the fact that you remember about your favorite GTA 5. Just go to the game and here you have half a millionaire!

Discounts for fans to save

It is time to tell you about the delicious discounts that await you this week. First, you have a great opportunity to systematize your entire business chaotically overgrown in one place in very good conditions. The main control panel now 30% cheaper and you should not miss this opportunity. Even if not needed now will be useful later!

Discounts in GTA 5
Well, let's move on to favorite - to technique! First and foremost is, of course, motorcycles! As the week devoted to the bikers, you have the opportunity to buy a couple of iron horses are significantly cheaper than their regular price. One such motorcycle is the Principe Lectro, you can buy 35% cheaper than usual. A sports Nagasaki Shotaro cheaper by as much as 40%!

Discounts in GTA 5
Traditionally discounts are available for cars. This time it's mainly sports options, except for the SUV, Pegassi Toros, which is sold at a discount of 35%. But he is able to set the heat and on the highway. And really fast cars at a discount of 40% is proposed Pegassi Tempesta and hypercar Benefactor Krieger at a discount of 30%.

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