GTA 5 animation appears from L.A. Noire?

Rumored that Rockstar Games will implement in the GTA 5 (and their products) MotionScan revolutionary technology that allows almost perfectly capturing facial animation of people and introduce them to the game, as was the case with L.A. Noire.

PSM3 magazine about it indirectly mention Brendan Mcnamara (Brendan McNamara), co-founder of Team Bondi, introducing L.A. Noire. asked whether MotionScan GTA 5, he replied: Yes, I think they look for each of its games. No matter how great the game was not L.A. Noire, but still Grand Theft Auto are incredibly large, so developers have all the problems associated with great casting and the story lines will be and all that you want to record.

Obviously, we would like to use MotionScan, but if they decide that it's wrong for GTA 5, and will want to use technology in the other game, and it will be a wonderful solution.

"I think this technology adds game humanity when people approach each other from the first moment with those characters that look to them with a screen," said McNamara. "People will make the decision-whether they like this guy or not-do not set the characteristics inherent in the story, and on the fact the game a particular actor."

"Rockstar take accurate decisions. They generally take the right decisions in terms of what they do for their games.

As you know, Rockstar began casting for the selection of the actors on their unannounced projects plus some actors are, in summary, that worked for GTA 5. So words Mcnamara could be the nail-100 percent of acting in the series Grand Theft Auto.

P.S. sorry, Team Bondi, seems to work with Rockstar Games will no longer be due to disagreement. But so, for information.

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2011-08-13 15:23:32

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