Why GTA 5 and not GTA 6? Game preview for PS 5

GTA 6 poster
Instead of the expected announcement of GTA 6 at the presentation of PS 5, the developers of the game about the great car thieves showed the announcement of the updated version of GTA 5. To the deep disappointment of fans of Rockstar games, the developers only advertised the second reissue of the fifth part of GTA for consoles.

In order to satisfy the curiosity of the players, former Rockstar producer Darion Levenstein explained the situation in his account in Tik Tok:

Darion Lowenstein
"Since I was previously directly involved in game development at Rockstar, I can readily say that it is very difficult to create a game adapted to modern game consoles. Technology is constantly changing, and developers constantly need to keep track of changing trends in terms of releasing new versions of XBox and PS. However, it is much more expensive to develop a new version of the game than to adapt an existing one to innovations in the gaming industry. Therefore, Rockstar decided to move in this direction for now, especially as I understand GTA 6 is still in the initial stage of development. And now a question for you, dear players: are you ready to buy GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X?"
A perfectly understandable reason. It is worth understanding that updating the previous version of GTA will entail lower costs for Rockstar Games and Take-Two than developing a new part of the famous series of games. And, of course, with the successful restart of GTA 5, the funds received from the sale of the game will just go to create the next version of the popular franchise.

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