Map of the game world GTA 6 hit the Internet

GTA 6 auto
A map of the GTA VI game world appeared on the Internet. Presumably, the action will take place in all major cities that are already known to fans of the game from earlier versions: Las Venturas, San Fierro, liberty city, Vice city, and Los Santos. According to rumors, every metropolis is involved in the plot. The main characters or hero can move between them by any means of transport: land, air, water.

GTA 6 city Map
City first
Second City
Third City
In fact, it is not known for sure what kind of map The Grand Theft Auto 6 will be, the developers do not give any specific information. But according to some data, the scale of the game world will be much smaller than in the previous version. It is possible that the action will take place in one or two cities, but in addition to the main release, Rockstar will periodically release new megacities, as a continuation of the unified concept. So fans of the franchise will most likely have to wait a few years before they can visit each city. And according to forecasts of independent sources, the new version of the game itself will not be released earlier than 2-3 years later.

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