How to have sex in GTA San Andreas

Sex on GTA SA

At the time of the release of the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas gave players a lot of different missions and secrets. Even to this day most of them can tighten the player for hours. Most of the game time gamers prefer to arrange a race in the city, as the passage of the main plot of the game is periodically bored.

Sex in GTA San Andreas
Also, in addition to the passage of missions, players are satisfied in the city of this chaos. Firefights with the police, racing around the city, shooting at passers – all this is an integral part of the time for many players. Some gamers who want to "have fun" in the game, have a question: how to have sex in GTA San Andreas and whether it is possible at all.

To pick up a girl in GTA SA
There are at least two ways to do this. The first way – sex with prostitutes. It  is not difficult to find them in the city. You need to go by car in the evening and ride around the city. Approach one of "women of easy virtue" and press the set key. After that, you can have sex with her in the nearest bushes or a secluded place. For more experienced players who have passed more than half of the plot of the game, it becomes available to have sex with a certain girl. Marker in the form of a heart tells the player where to go.

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