How to play in GTA San Andreas

Play GTA San Andreas


GTA San Andreas is worldwide popular game from third person, that was made in 204 on RenderWare engine. Our character will explore new world, complete main and additional missions, steal automobiles and took part in shootings among gangs. There are a lot of hidden things in the game. For example, graffiti, paintings, stuff. When you paint each picture in the city, you will see AK-47, Molotov cocktail, shotgun and Tech-9 in the Johnson’s house. When you have free time, you can do following things:
  • Steal sport cars, upgrade them and drive on a high speed through the city.
  • Fly on planes and helicopters.
  • Visit GYM and upgrade strength and endurance of your character.
  • Buy pizza, fried potatoes and other food, regaining health.
  • Pick up your own gang and shoot with other gangs.
  • Complete training about managing ground and air transport.

How to play GTA San Andreas

Gameplay GTA San Andreas
A lot of gamers are interested in question:” How to play GTA San Andreas?” at this moment you can buy the game in Steam for 2.40 dollars. Or you can install uTorrent, visit web-site and download .torrent file. Using this last method you can play GTA San Andreas for free.

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