How to get minigun in GTA San Andreas

To obtain the minigun in GTA San Andreas

Mini gun at the beginning of the game

Mini gun is one of the desired weapons in the GTA San Andreas, but you can’t buy it. There is no reason to be sad, because you can find five mini guns in five different places.

Of course, it is not easy to do at the beginning of the game, because nearly all locations are closed and you will open them gradually. Because of it you will not be able to find mini gun in some parts of the world.

You can steal the plane and land in places, where machine gun is kept. If you will do it, you will attract a lot of police and will get 4 stars. Because of this you must be careful of you will be shoot.

How to get mini gun in the GTA San Andreas

Minigun in GTA San Andreas
As it was written earlier, you can get mini guns in five different places:
  1. In San Fierro on the rail road
  2. On Mike’s Toreno rancho (after completing all his missions)
  3. In Las Ventouras, on lower tier of parking
  4. In Las Ventouras near “Four dragons” casino you will see uncompleted building. Machine gun is inside. Advice: fly there on jetpack.
  5. And the last is available when you complete a mission, where you need to steal jetpack
The easiest method of getting all weapon is to buy a jetpack. Using it you will get any weapon in a moment.

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