Release GTA SA for OS X: facts and parodies

Release GTA SA for OS X: facts and parodies
With the release of GTA San Andreas game space has been greatly expanded. San Andreas is not one single city, as a state, albeit fictional. The basis for the development of locations was taken cartography of Nevada and California.

the Release of GTA San Andreas for Mac OS X

It is unlikely that at the moment the game was announced in 2004, developers and publishers Rockstar knew about the need in the future to release the port's environment for Mac OS X. The trend of technology development and the needs of the users had a decisive importance in this matter. By 2010, GTA SA was fully adapted to the capabilities-based gaming platforms OS X.

The official worldwide release date is November 12, 2010. Earlier access to the game had only developers who conducted the test port, and simultaneously working on promotional materials. Thanks to their work, the players before the official release can study a particular storyline, see screenshots and videos.

Release GTA SA for OS X: facts and parodies
Release GTA SA for OS X: facts and parodies
Recall that since the announcement of GTA SA before the actual exit port of the game for OS X was 6 years old. Even after this time the solution age rating systems remained unchanged. Depending on the country of residence of the players have restrictions from the "15+" to "18" to access the game. This solution has a very reasonable basis, because the cruelty of the criminal world of GTA SA and increased the realism of the events may have an unpredictable impact on the development of unstable psyche of minors.

Interesting facts and parody GTA SA

According to research conducted by journalists, the increased demand for GTA SA was observed in the actual analogue of the city. This information was published in the second edition of Calaveras Enterprise. Also, it was mentioned that in the real San Andreas is home to the namesake hero of GTA SA Carl Johnson.

The popularity of the series, RockStar games and, in particular, GTA San Andreas could not remain indifferent to some talented enthusiasts. There are several indirect intersections between the virtual world of games and cinema. In particular, references to the game are present in the movie "Forest tale", "Divorce American style", "familiarity with the Spartans", "robot chicken". As an example, in the movie meet the Spartans" is a game called "GTA: Hot Gates".

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