Releases GTA SA: the PS2 version in North Americ

Releases GTA SA: the PS2 version in North America
GTA San Andreas for the PlayStation 2 is a three - dimensional video game, created by specialists Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. To draw the characters used complex graphics algorithms, however, the naturalness of the image is far from perfect.

Violent scenes and immorality in GTA San Andreas aroused great interest of the inhabitants in North America. Hidden sex scene gave the game an incredible popularity and scandalous nature.

the Release of GTA SA for PS2 in North America

The developers have created GTA SA in the spirit of Action Adventure/Modern". In a series of games GTA, it takes 7 consecutive place in the chronological line of events. In the plot of the game can be found elements of a humorous parody of 80-90s, attracting even more interest in the gaming community.

For players in North America port of the PlayStation became available on October 26, 2004 and in a few days, users on other continents. Buy it could only citizens who have reached 18 years of age.


Involved 3 virtual prototype cities - Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro. Key character - Johnson Carlos. He returned from the city of liberty city and learns that an unknown criminal gang killed his mother. He decides to take revenge and joins the gang members in order to survive in the current situation.

Releases GTA SA: the PS2 version in North America Releases GTA SA: the PS2 version in North America Releases GTA SA: the PS2 version in North America
The main character as you progress through missions can "improve skills", to buy and steal cars, take part in shootings and armed attacks.

Despite being given the freedom of choice, the main task of the hero remains of assignments criminal bosses. The player is free to deviate from them and to travel by virtual reality contrary to the basic scenario, enjoying music on the 7 radio stations.

In General, the release of GTA San Andreas in North America can be considered successful. Projected profit developers received, the players were satisfied with the Autonomous criminal world with the closest approximation to reality.

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