Releases GTA SA for PS2: Europe and Australia

Releases GTA SA for PS2: Europe and Australia
before the official release around GTA San Andreas began to spread rumors about the possible ways of the development of the plot. Within the gaming community was dominated by 2 main opinions. The first thought that the story will develop in the modern state of San Andreas, and the latter insisted on Sin city 70-ies. To some extent the predictions of the admirers of the series was confirmed, because the action in the game tied around the flourishing criminal gangs in California in 1992.

The first release of GTA SA was designed for a gaming platform PlayStation 2. On the shelves of Europe and Australia, she appeared in the same day - October 29, 2004.

Interesting facts

The individual elements of the plot did not comply with the legislation and the mentality of the gaming community in different countries. In particular, "under attack" were scenes of a sexual and violent nature. Developers were forced to withdraw the game from the shops, to make changes in the code and small adjustments in the storyline.  In the end, the game has changed twice the rating, and the company has paid compensation to all the people who bought the original version of the game. These were little.

GTA SA for PS2 became extremely popular. It is proved by the high sales figures for a long time, there's scenes in frames of various films, the presence of a parody of GTA in cartoons categories"16+", "18+". Notable is the fact that journalists noted the increased interest of the residents of the real San Andreas to a new game.

Releases GTA SA for PS2: Europe and Australia Releases GTA SA for PS2: Europe and Australia Releases GTA SA for PS2: Europe and Australia
In San Andreas there are many references to other parts of the GTA and some movies. In particular, the escape on the motorcycle from the Russian mafia is reminiscent of a scene from "Terminator 2". Employees RockStar left in the game to mention about the company logo, which can be found in the most unexpected place - in the starry sky.

Gameplay GTA SA

The game has 13 types of weapons. Got the opportunity to fire, using both hands of the character. In the vast virtual city you may notice a few new workshops specializing in tuning cars. The main character has the ability to wage war for territory with other groups. The gameplay consists of several mini-games (basketball, Billiards, etc.,) to distract from the main plot and a short rest.

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