Ports for Xbox 360: release GTA SA

Ports for Xbox 360: release GTA SA
Rumors about the release of GTA San Andreas for Xbox 360 circulated in advance of applications developers RockStar, despite attempts to hide this information from users. A remarkable fact of registration of several trademarks for future games in the GTA series before their announcement, including the San Andreas. According to unconfirmed information, these actions were aimed at warming up the audience and the unwinding of interest around new games. Impatient players began to build the most unusual and breathtaking theory about the development of the plot in the game. Discuss present and active on the fan sites and official sites Rockstar.

Release GTA SA

After the release of the game took almost a year to port Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on Xbox 360. Only in 2005, owners of this console could buy the game on June 7 in North America and June 10 in Europe.

Expectations were not in vain. The texture of the virtual world have become more detailed, attended the "cooperative" mode, missing on other platforms. Players could play their own music on the radio and start the replay video of the last thirty seconds of the game.

For a long time, the game was distributed only on physical media, but from October 20, 2008, the Xbox 360 had the opportunity to purchase and download it through Xbox Live.


Traditionally employees RockStar did not focus on censorship, "allowing" the character brutally beating passers-by, to Rob and kill. And so the scandal with scenes of a sexual nature was the most resonance for all time series.

GTA San Andreas got a lot of unique soundtracks and just an incredible amount of Easter eggs for fans to look for references to previous parts of the GTA, as well as games from other series, various films.

The hero has learned to swim, to climb over the fence, got a new Arsenal and vehicles. Murder on the busy streets has now become a real adventure, causing a variety of reactions from passers-by, from fear to open aggression. Clothing, accessories, modified cars, hand to hand combat - the number of innovations it is simply impossible to list in one sitting.

Due to the incredibly large area and flexible plot of the game is difficult to understand for once. In your quest you will encounter the most unexplainable phenomena, and may be able to confirm some of the myths which year floating around this game on the Internet.

Ports for Xbox 360: release GTA SA Ports for Xbox 360: release GTA SA Ports for Xbox 360: release GTA SA

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In North America GTA SA for PS2 was released in 2004.

In October 2004 in Europe and Australia started selling GTA SA for the PlayStation 2.

In Australia and Europe release GTA SA for Xbox was appointed in 2005.

The release of GTA San Andreas in Europe was scheduled for the summer of 2005.

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