European releases: GTA SA for the PC

European releases: GTA SA for the PC
the Company Rockstar Games already in 2003, 29 October announced the release of the final part of the trilogy GTA3. However, it took more than one and a half years to complete the development of the game and adaptation of software modules for PC. The delay of the release was due arising from the development teams need to cut some questionable aspects to the game has not received serious restrictions on the sale.

Release a PC version of San Andreas in Europe

10 June 2005 GTA SA was officially released in Europe. About the forthcoming release and some features of 3D-shooter players were informed in advance. The first deliveries of the game were simply swept away from the shops, because the demand exceeded supply.

July 20, Rockstar was forced to suspend sales of the game. The reason was the appearance on the Internet modifications to the game, which opened excluded from the plot scenes of a sexual nature. In the processing of game programmers did not remove the source files, and only has closed access to them. The company was forced to issue a separate addition of the game to return to her original age-rated "Mature".

San Andreas

San Andreas in size exceeds all other parts of the GTA, as previous, and next. Three major metropolis, detailed countryside, forests, mountains and deserts - the player is given full freedom of movement. The city despite invented the name, are very real prototypes with a few changes. Staff for more reliable transmission places atmosphere made a few hundred photos of architecture and landscape.


A number of small innovations allowed to immerse the player in game process on a completely different level. Personalization actors, change of appearance and clothing, the more active the reaction of the NPC for every action hero is only a small list of what qualitatively distinguishes the game from previous versions.

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