Releases GTA SA for the PC in North America

Releases 2005: GTA SA for the PC in North America
PC Owners had to wait for 1.5 years after the official announcement of the release of a new version of GTA. The delay was released PS2 version associated with excessively violent scenes in the game, could affect the date of release versions for other platforms. The developers have managed to timely eliminate defects in the game received a rating of "17+", that allowed to sell it everywhere.

the Official release of GTA SA

Release date San Andreas on PC in Northern America was appointed on 7 June 2005. Many fans of the series took place before shopping ever since the night, afraid to miss another masterpiece of the company Rockstar.

Fears came true partially due to assign a new game rating on 20 July. Developers only in August could release the modified module, called "Cold Coffee" and returned the game its initial rating. Everyone who bought the game before, could receive monetary compensation up to 16 may 2008. Took this opportunity just 2676 people.

GTA SA was one of the few games that has changed its rating after admission in public sale twice. Despite a runaway success for PC platform has sold nearly 2 million copies. For comparison: on PS2 - 17.5 million.

Features GTA SA

In the game you can find a great number of "Easter eggs" and references to previous games in the series. In the PC version, the player can access additional radio station that plays music added by the user in a special directory.

For the first time the main hero of the game was African American. The opinions of the fans on this differed, because of the character's difficult to say good citizen. This is the only part of the GTA, which includes RPG elements. The full version of the soundtrack, created specially for GTA SA, is a whopping 8 CD-ROM drive.

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