Tips edition RockStar update Capture

Advice edition RockStar update Capture Jobs
With the release of updates Capture Jobs appeared expert advice on choosing the tactics of the game in GTA Online. The recommendations were published edition RockStar Game. A quick look at some of them.

Tips editorial RockStar

1. Well-coordinated teamwork is the key to success in Capture Jobs. It is desirable that all members of the teams were supported during the game a constant connection using a headset.
2. It is important not only to gain a single victory in one of Capture Jobs, but also to be able to keep the impact.
3. It is recommended to use opportunities of relations with Lester, to get information on radar markers enemies.
4. It is advisable to use special weapons and to walk, not to fall into the range of your radar markers.
5. It is necessary to consider all possible routes to the target. The simplest way is not always hold true.
Now consider specific recommendations for each task Capture Jobs.

Advice edition RockStar update Capture Jobs


It is recommended to think about the possibility of blocking approaches to the using of vehicles. Precious bag will be the most difficult to steal, if it will be protected by a fire perimeter or about Sticky Bomb. The use of fire engines for defense and attack may be more efficient than aggressive actions by helicopter.


Before clearly organized attack on the enemy team is recommended to use explosives to clear alien base. You can use the call to aviation impact or Merryweather.

Advice edition RockStar update Capture Jobs


When friendly vehicle is returned to the base, it is recommended to organize support from the air and earth. This is ideal for a helicopter and fast car.

Advice edition RockStar update Capture Jobs


Team members it is important to take a broad position for defence and capture valuable cargo. He must be in constant motion as any confusion could lead to a rapid redistribution of forces.

The above elements of the strategy are for guidance only. Each team has the right to independently make decisions for success.

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