Update Fan Vids GTA Online

Update Fan Vids GTA Online
Talented fans of GTA Online continue to mount new titles devoted to the events of the game. They show the most fascinating and intriguing moments. Let's talk about some of them in more detail.

In the video "Insanity, Stunts & PvP (Episode 2)" demonstrates incandescent air battles with the use of Super Cars, P-996 Lazer pilots and numerous aircraft. Everyone who didn't get to see the first episode, can do it now.

Talented players are reflected their real interests in the free world GTA Online, as evidenced by the following entry:

Fan of 3D-shooter, Tommy Soulier, videotaped amazing event where the world of GTA Online is combined with its very real hobby - altitude jumps. Such parallel allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of the game world and its inherent danger.

Movie "A Look Back at Michael's Life" is a kind of parody of the lives of the characters GTA Online. What it is, you can only inspection before the end minute video.

Record BMX Death Mix" sent by the team members Murders Death Kill. After only a name of a command, it is already possible to say that the video does not do without the killings, deliberate tactics and clearly organized action.

In recent months stuntman RedKeyMon was awarded the attention of thousands of fans of 3D-shooter and has won recognition among professional players. In the new movie he is again showing dangerous stunts that are breathtaking. The main condition for their successful performance - cold calculation.

All players and teams who have developed a fascinating clip, can share their achievements with the gaming community. It is enough to declare itself in Social Club and send links to thematic posts on e-mail RockStar (mouthoff). The best works will be published in the newsletter and viewed by thousands of interested users.

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2014-04-18 10:34:10

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