GTA SA for Xbox: release in North America

GTA SA for Xbox: release in North America
the Expectation of a new GTA SA for Xbox at inhabitants of North America was pretty long. The owners of consoles had to wait almost a year before the company Rockstar adapts San Andreas for other platforms.

When transferring any major changes in the gameplay and the story were not made, and the players are fully able to feel the atmosphere of the criminal world, which developers Rockstar created for years.

the Official release of GTA SA

Officially in selling game for the Xbox received 7 June 2005. This year it celebrates its ninth anniversary. Although the game is outdated in terms of technology - web sites offer download and try it out.

The scandal is not removed until the end of sex scenes led to a change of the rating of the game. GTA SA was the first game released in mass sales in North America with a rating of "18+". Exclusively for Xbox was released hotfix called "GTA: Trilogy Pack". However, anyone can try and sensational modification of the "Hot Coffee".

the Gameplay in San Andreas

The implementation of the San Andreas among the series of games GTA impresses with its scale, because the playing card is the largest among all parts of this series. Three large metropolis with a full detail, streets, lanes and courtyards with a head plunges into the atmosphere of the nineties.

Each street has a name that can be seen on tablets-pointers. Texture partly consist of painted pictures, photos of real places. Virtual world San Adnreas includes over 16,000 original constructions, more than 200 vehicles, including air and water.

The list of actions available to the hero, also became more impressive. For example, the hero in each of the cities can explore the unique style of hand-to-hand combat.

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The release of GTA San Andreas in Europe was scheduled for the summer of 2005.

In Australia and Europe release GTA SA for Xbox was appointed in 2005.

In North America release of Grand Theft Auto for PC took place in 2005.

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