Release GTA SA for Xbox in Europe and Australia

Release GTA SA for Xbox in Europe and Australia
After the stunning, though very predictable success GTA3 and GTA Vice City, an official statement about the series continues on October 29, 2003 was not a great surprise. However, before entering the game on sale in the gaming community has spread a lot of rumors about where and when will take place. The reality was even more exciting than all assumptions. San Andreas struck his immense world and the almost unlimited freedom of action.

the Official release of GTA SA for Xbox

Nine years ago, on 10 June 2005 players in Europe and Australia was finally able to buy the game, adapted for the Xbox. Unexpected incident involving the modified software module that allows access to the scenes of a sexual nature, for a time suspended sales.

Company Rockstar Games were able to react to the incident and release an update that corrects this mistake. The situation only fueled and so increased interest in the new product. Within the gaming community was the place to be the assumption that "'s scandal" was a very successful marketing move.

Gameplay GTA SA

Although there was a fairly direct storyline, the player is given the freedom to actions and decisions. You can choose a future scenario: to perform the task or not, engage in looting or more or less legal to buy cars, having worked as a taxi driver, fireman, or even a fighter for justice.

Connoisseurs series of games GTA will find many Easter eggs with references to previous games. In GTA SA for Xbox has several mini-games, books, short films. Feature version on the Xbox was the multiplayer mode, which significantly diversified the gameplay.

Because of the huge territorial scope of the virtual world to study which may take more than one month, began to receive a lot of myths. They are associated with UFOs, snow man, and other oddities that can be found in the game under certain circumstances.

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October 20, 2008 took place the next release for Xbox 360 - GTA San Andreas.

In North America GTA SA for PS2 was released in 2004.

The release of GTA San Andreas in Europe was scheduled for the summer of 2005.

In 2005 GTA SA for Xbox officially started to spread in North America.

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