Late ports of GTA SA PS3 version in America

Late ports of GTA SA PS3 version in America
GTA San Andreas is one of the key projects of the company Rockstar, which has retained its relevance in North America today. According to statistical information, one of the most common ports is a game for the PlayStation 3. This is due to affordability and high computing capabilities of consoles.

In North America ports of GTA SA for portable consoles, computers and mobile devices appeared from 2004 to 2014. Such a long term issue ports and release updates to the game world testifies to the high demand for three-dimensional game with shooter elements, open world and road simulator.

Late ports of GTA SA PS3 version in America

a Late port of GTA SA for PS3 in North America

The gaming community in North America was somewhat discouraged by the sequence of release of the PS3 port, which is usually immediately follows the PS2. In the case of GTA SA, the interval between these two events accounted for almost 8 years. Today, the official comments about this blurred a lot of rumors and misrepresentation.

It is known that the original release of GTA SA in North America for PS3 developers Rockstar had planned at the beginning of 2012. However, due to blurry for the gaming public reasons it was postponed at the end of the year. What was the cause of technical difficulties, the interaction of developers and publishers, legislative acts. About this we can only guess.

The official start of sales of GTA San Andreas for PS3 in North America was held on 11 December 2012. In because of the advanced network infrastructure WAN game also appeared on the PlayStation Network, which has greatly expanded the capabilities of the players.

Depending on the country of residence permit the acquisition and use of the game had citizens who were in the age categories from 15+to 18+". This limitation is a requirement of the implementation of the game, set the age rating systems (BBFC, PEGI, OFLC). With the availability of distributions on various sites this restriction holds only "word of honor".

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