Releases GTA in Russia: SA for PS2 and PC

GTA Releases in Russia: SA for PS2 and PC
In Russia, the release of GTA San Andreas games for PC, PS2 was one of the most anticipated events in the gaming community. Users are informed in advance about significant improvements in the game that was closer to the edge of reality and fiction.

GTA SA was the third of a three-dimensional game in the line of Grand Theft Auto. The script was based on the game events of 1992, when California began to flourish crime. Developers again decided to delve into the past that they are well managed.

The main character was a 25-year-old African American with a rich criminal history and baggage of life dramas. He will have to survive in the vastness of Los Santos and gradually make their way into the world of fame, wealth and respect. The details of this way players started to learn since October 2003, when they began to publish the first official announcements and reviews of the game.

GTA Releases in Russia: SA for PS2 and PC

the Release of GTA SA for PC and PS2 in Russia

Despite the appearance of the first ports of the game back in 2004, PS2 and PC version of the game appeared in Russia only in 2010. This is due to the time required for the development of various ports of the game, as well as with the collection of the required regulatory documents individually for each country of distribution. In the end, all technical and legal issues have been resolved, and February 12, 2010 the long-awaited ports the game went on sale.

Players had the choice of two versions of the accompanying packaging. The first contained only the installation CD in colorful packaging, and the second also included a complete user manual and detailed map of the game world.

One should pay tribute to players with skills in programming and design. By the time of release of the game in Russia were prepared and published hundreds of different versions of the game, allowing you to diversify the already fun gameplay.

GTA Releases in Russia: SA for PS2 and PC
Problems with the acquisition of the game there were only a certain age group. Initially, they were associated with the detection of in-game content with erotic content. After its removal the age ratings stabilized, and the acquisition of the game became available to the Russians over the age of 18 years.

the Developers and publishers

The main developer of the updated three-dimensional world of San Andreas were employees of Rockstar North. As publishers in Russia made Soft Club. Thanks to the efforts of its employees, players were able to gain access to the new game world in the shortest possible time.

Localization GTA SA for the Russian audience was engaged in the company 1C. Originally the game was released with the original audio soundtrack and subtitles in Russian language. Some players believe this nuance is a huge plus. He lies in the fact that realized the nature of the character and atmosphere of the game world, you can realize only through the original intonation heroes inherent emotionality.

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