SA for the PC in America for 10 years

SA for the PC in America for 10 years
North America is one of the countries in which first appeared the game GTA San Andreas (SA), adapted for personal computers (PC). The event happened 10 years ago. We can say that June 2015 is the anniversary date for the gaming industry and SA in particular.

With the advent of SA controlled by players characters could step into the streets is not one city, and the whole staff, who "invented" and was designed by the developers of Rockstar North. Studying the mapping of a virtual city, players can mark similar to the California and Nevada landscape elements. Indeed, to design areas were partly used the outline of real-life terrain. Along with "life" plot twists that added to the realism of the game, which was one of the main reasons for the popularity of Grand Theft Auto series and, in particular, San Andreas.

SA for the PC in America for 10 years

Official release of the game

After the appearance of the SA for the PS2 in 2004, the gaming community was looking forward to the release port of the game for the PC. I had to wait about a year. During this time he conducted a vigorous discussion concerning the upcoming changes in the new port, as well as the final release date. The network still found conflicting information on this. All doubts were dispelled only with the advent of official statements by the developers.

By the summer of 2005 the development of the port has completed, the release was not far off. Looking ahead, we note that a few days after the official release of SA for the PC in America around the game broke no joke scandal, but more on that later.

The official date of sale of the port of GTA SA for the PC in North America is considered to be June 7, 2005. The game publisher in the country has been the company Rockstar Games, which is always in the limelight in the modern gaming community. A new port with support for single and multiplayer games, as well as modified the game engine RenderWare enjoyed decent success. Today, the game released a lot of modifications, which is still actively used by the players.

Initially the game had been imposed "classic" series for Grand Theft Auto restrictions from "M", "15+" or higher depending on site sales. However, later the situation has changed.

Scandal SA

Less than a month since the release of SA for the PC in America, as the Internet became available to a specific file, called "Hot Coffee". He called the attention of the gaming community and a number of complications with the developers.

What is this infamous file? In fact, the "Hot Coffee" is a kind of software to modify the game that allows the player to access the scenes of erotic content. The response to this new opportunity was fast — the age rating of the game has risen to the category of "adults only", and sales were temporarily suspended.

The situation was quickly corrected, unwanted items removed from the game. This has released a special patch, which in the past was devoted to whole website. Making operational adjustments to the gameplay, it was possible to resume sales. Currently SA is still relevant in the gaming community.

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