In 2004 came GTA Vice City for PS2 in Japan

Release of GTA Vice City PS2 in Japan
May 2004 became a remarkable date for developers Rockstar games and society in Japan. On the territory of the country appeared in the 4th edition of Grand Theft Auto for Playstation 2 - Vice City. Remarkable fact of simultaneous occurrence of GTA VC gaming platforms PS2 and PC.

Waiting for GTA VC in Japan

The output of 3D-shooter in the country took place almost a year later than in the USA. A small delay is connected with the peculiarities of the distribution of games and rigid censorship operating in Japan. GTA VC assigned age limit "18" in BBFC rating systems, OFLC and "18+" in international organization PEGI.

The anticipation of the release strengthened news reviews and colorful illustrations published on the Internet. Long waiting for the release and success of previous versions of 3D-shooter provided for playing lightning formation of demand. After the official release of the company's revenues Rockstar was worth millions of dollars already in the first months of sales.

the Official release of Vice City for PS2 in Japan

The long-awaited release of GTA VC PC in Japan was held on 20 may 2004. The work of developers and publishers Rockstar were awarded deserved attention, and players had the opportunity to enjoy the extraordinary scenario in the GTA.

The main feature of Vice City is its nonlinearity, which partly led to the success of the GTA series of games. Players can follow the traditional script and execute 63 basic mission, and also move to the modes of additional tasks. If tired specify the virtual bosses, you can go walking through the virtual world Vice City and to act at their discretion.

Interesting facts

GTA Vice City has the best performance for the number and amount of sales among all series of games adapted to the Playstation 2. On the wave of success are still developing various modifications of the game, including new vehicles, weapons, aircraft.

The reason a large number of sold copies of the game for PS2 partly as a contract between the companies Take Two Interactive and Sony Computer Entertainment. It was signed before the release of 3D-shooter and said that GTA VC will be adapted only for PS. In subsequent agreement was revised, and the game was released on all major gaming platforms.

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